Pretty Healthy Soul - Natural nutrition, fitness, beauty and soul specialist

My Education:
I have worked very hard over the years to expand my education in the fields I am passionate about.  When I post something about health, nutrition, fitness, beauty or the like, I want my readers/clients to know I have an educational backing behind what I state. The following is a list of my current/ongoing credentials. I strive to add 2-3 CEC's or new certifications each year. Knowledge is power and we never know everything. There is always something more to learn and I do my best to stay well educated and bring you the newest and most up to date information!

*Certified Nutritionist
*Certified Sports Nutritionist
*Certified Fitness Trainer
*Plant Based Nutrition Specialist
*Weight Management Specialist
*Certified Wellness Counselor
*Certified Life Coach
*Certified Wellness Public Speaker
*Certified Spin Instructor
*Certified Bikini, Figure & Physique Coach
*Certified Natural Health Specialist
*Licensed Cosmetologist
*Certified Pathogens Educator
*Community Wellness Educator
*Christian Life Coach
*Certificate of Ministry/Ordination

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