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12 Week Personal Training Plan
*Strength training and cardio schedule to meet your personal goals. (gym or home workouts available)
*Weekly online check-ins.
*Adjustments to program as needed. (Every 3-4 weeks is typical)
*Ongoing support via email for questions.
You will receive a personal email and questionnaire from me within 48 hours of your purchase! Once we complete consult/questionnaire, I will personally design your individual training program!


Fitness Competition Prep/Athletic Event Prep Plans
*Weight lifting schedule
*Cardio schedule
*Supplement recommendations
*Peak week
*Show day coaching (via text or in person)
*Suit recommendation
*Coaching for ALL phases of prep! Building, cutting, peak and reverse post show/event!
*Weekly check-ins
*Ongoing support via email or text
$75 per month during off season/building/reverse phase
$120 per month during active prep
Contact me at if interested in comp. prep plans. We will have a complete consultation to determine the length of your plan and phase.

Balancing YOU!!
*Individualized nutrition plan
*Individualized workout plan
*Supplement recommendations
*Hydration recommendations
*Hormone balancing through nutrition/exercise
*Emotional health guidance
*Ongoing program adjustments
*Ongoing support via email
12 week program built just for YOU to enhance your overall health and wellness! Great for anyone who is ready to take control of their body and health! Be ready to make changes! It's YOUR time!
After your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email and questionnaire within 48 hours. Your plan will be developed personally by me to meet your goals and needs! 



6 Week Macro Plan
*Macros only to meet your nutrition goals
*Weekly check ins
*Macro adjustments if needed
*Shopping List
(Does not include workouts, hydration or supplements. Macros ONLY)
After your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email and questionnaire within 48 hours. Your macros will be calculated after completion of consult/questionnaire.


30 Day Nutrition & Fitness Plan for beginners!
This plan is great for beginners and all levels as well! If you're new to nutrition & fitness, this plan takes all the guess work out! It's also great for anyone looking for a jumpstart, a detailed program or just wanting something new! If you're more advanced in fitness, I've included instruction on how to make it more challenging for you! This plan is do-able for all levels! EASY to follow! All real foods! No meal replacement shakes or bars. No diet gimmicks!
Plan includes:
*hydration recommendations
*optional supplementation
*detailed daily meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
*detailed daily fitness plan
*journaling instruction for emotional health
*One time plan sent to your email within 48 hours of purchase!
All for only $30!

*Your purchase entitles you to 1 plan. You may print out 1 copy of your plan for personal use. NO copying, sharing, selling, distributing of the plan in any way.
*This plan is designed for generally healthy individuals. Always consult your primary physician before starting any nutrition, fitness or health plan. Pretty Healthy/Denette Kirschner is not responsible for any illness, injury or other issues caused by this or any nutrition, fitness or health plan. YOU are responsible for your body and health.

Custom Plans!
I offer custom plans for all levels in fitness and nutrition! Whatever your goal, I can help! For a quote on a custom made program to fit your needs, email me at


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